01. A [thief] broke into the museum, and stole a painting worth almost one million dollars.
02. Two young high school students have been arrested for car [theft] after being found in possession of a stolen mini-van.
03. You have to be careful of [thieves] on the buses in that country because they will steal your camera, your wallet or anything they can get.
04. The horse [thieves] were caught by the cowboys, and hanged from the highest tree.
05. He became a [thief], stealing food and the like because his family never had enough to eat.
06. By putting a special device on the steering wheel of your car, you can greatly decrease the chances of [theft] of your vehicle.
07. My neighbor was a victim of a [thief] who stole her purse while she was out shopping.
08. Aesop once remarked that we hang the petty [thieves], and appoint the great ones to public office.
09. Euripedes once said that the day is for honest men, the night for [thieves].
10. Edward Young once observed that procrastination is the [thief] of time.
11. Lao-Tzu stated that the more laws and orders are made prominent, the more [thieves] and robbers there will be.
12. There is an Afghan proverb which states, "Don't be a [thief], and you won't fear the King."
13. 1963, a gang of 15 [thieves] stole £2,631,784 in Britain's Great Train Robbery.
14. In December of 1913, the Mona Lisa was returned to the Louvre in Paris after a two-year absence due to [theft].

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